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3rd Annual CSP Hat Challenge – Results

Winners – Avi Margalith, Cliff Cornell, Harris & Jan Shultz, Lance Arenson, Peter Mesnik, Wendy Arenson, Charlie Savenor

CSP Hat Challenge Locations: 30 countries, 66 locations

1. Angkor What, Cambodia
2. Athens, Greece (Acropolis, Parthenon)
3. Baden-Württemberg, Germany
4. Barcelona, Spain
5. Bavaria, Germany
6. Bialystok, Poland
7. Budapest, Hungary
8. Boston, MA
9. Botswana
10. Cayman Islands
11. Chatham, Cape Cod
12. Chiang Mai, Thailand
13. China
14. Cologne, Germany
15. Crete, Greece
16. Cuba
17. Dallas, TX
18. Dead Sea, Israel
19. Ethiopia
20. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
21. Galilee, Israel
22. Gerona, Spain (Throne from Game of Thrones)
23. Holland
24. Honolua Bay, Maui (deep sea diving)
25. Iceland
26. Indonesia
27. Italy
28. Jerusalem, Israel
29. Kinderdijk, Netherlands
30. Koblenz, Germany
31. Krakow, Poland
32. Lesotho
33. Madrid, Spain
34. Mammoth Lakes, CA
35. Mbale, Uganda
36. Melk, Austria
37. Monaco
38. Mont Sarrat, Spain
39. Moscow, Russia (at the Kremlin)
40. Namibia
41. New Orleans, Louisiana
42. New York City, NY
43. Norway
44. Pakruojis, Lithuania
45. Paris, France
46. Penobscot Bay, Maine
47. Regensburg, Germany
48. Rokiskis, Lithuania
49. Sa Dec/Cai Be (along the Mekong, near Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam
50. Sahara, Morocco
51. San Marino
52. Seychelles
53. Singapore
54. Slonim, Belarus
55. South Africa
56. St. Petersburg, Russia
57. Swaziland
58. Tel Aviv, Israel
59. Thailand
60. Tromso, Norway
61. Vienna, Austria
62. Vilnius, Lithuania
63. Warsaw, Poland
64. Wurzburg Castle, Germany
65. Zambia
66. Zimbabwe


1. ‘Most creative photo – 3 winners
W – Lance Arenson – Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

W – Charlie Savenor on the Game of Thrones throne in Gerona Spain

W – Jan and Harris Shultz for Photo with Polish mathematicians Stefan Banach and Otto Nikodym in Krakow

2. Most amazing location
W – Peter Mesnik outside an the old Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Crete – dates from the Middle Ages

3. Most impressive achievement
W – Wendy Arenson got Shtisel star cast member, Dov Glickman – Shulem Shtisel, to wear the CSP hat.

4. Most prolific – 2 winners

a. Avi Margalith – 2o countries

i. Norway
ii. Iceland
iii. Cuba
iv. Namibia
v. South Africa
vi. Lesotho
vii. Swaziland
viii. Zambia
ix. Zimbabwe
x. Paris
xi. Botswana
xii. Ethiopia
xiii. Italy
xiv. San Marino
xv. Monaco
xvi. France
xvii. China
xviii. Thailand
xix. Singapore
xx. Indonesia
xxi. Seychelle

b. Cliff Cornell – 14 locations, Hungary, Germany, Austria

i. Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
ii. Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
iii. Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany
iv. Old Market, Cologne, Germany
v. German Corner, Koblenz, Germany
vi. Freudenberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
vii. Main, Würzburg, Germany
viii. Hofgarten, Würzburg, Germany
ix. Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany
x. Nürnberg, Bavaria, German
xi. Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout, Kinderdijk, Netherlands
xii. Melk Abbey, Melk, Austria
xiii. Vienna, Austria
xiv. Budapest, Hungary

*Honorable mention – Adina Malmon, Charlie Savenor, Peter Mesnik, Mike Rubin

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