It’s Not Just A Gift. It’s Your Legacy.

CSP participates in the community-wide, “Create a Jewish Legacy” initiative, in partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Contact CSP at (949) 922-7059 to explore the many ways you can leave a legacy to CSP.

Legacy and Endowment Giving

In your will, trust, or life insurance policy, you can leave a gift that supports the work you believe in, strengthens the Jewish community, and reflects your values. No matter what your income or estate value is, your gift can make a lasting impact on the community.

Why Leave a Legacy?

By leaving a legacy gift, you ensure that the things you value will remain with the community when you are no longer here. You help build a vibrant, enduring community not just for your children but for their children to come as well. Your generosity and vision will have an impact that lasts far beyond your lifetime. Bequests and endowments established decades ago are still sustaining our community today. Your legacy can, and should, reflect what is most important to you. Creating a legacy empowers you to complete the work of your heart.

If you have already included us in your will, trust, or life insurance policy, we would like to include you in our Legacy Circle. Contact Arie for more information.

Inspire future generations with your generosity by creating a Jewish legacy today!


  • Rochelle Ambersound
  • Wendy and Lance Arenson
  • Rosella Bernstein
  • Mark Bialy
  • Yana Bridle
  • Aleta Bryant
  • Brenda Barrie and Sid Bursten
  • Rosella Bernstein
  • Marion and Lee (z”l) Brockett
  • Tamar and Martin Brower
  • Sara and Cliff Cornell
  • Gideon Bernstein and Jeanne Pepper
  • Aleta Bryant
  • Cherry Family in Memory of Bobbi Cherry (z”l)
  • Henry and Eileen Cohen
  • Sara and Cliff Cornell
  • Esther and Andy Dosick
  • Rochelle Dreeben
  • Sybil Flom and Mike Blank
  • Aviva and Fred Forster
  • Ada Kless Gilbert
  • Susan Glass
  • Andrea and Tal Golan
  • Davida Gregory
  • Fran and David Gustin
  • Steve Heit
  • Faith Herschler
  • Deborah and Ed Heyman
  • Ahuva Ho
  • Beverly and Jake Jacobs
  • Linda and John Jonas
  • Marvin Kaplan
  • Amy and Arie Katz
  • Joan Kaye
  • Sharon Keller
  • Deborah and Ira Victer
  • Tema and Yaron Sternberg
  • Lindy Keiser
  • Allan P. Freedman. MD
  • Rena Konheum
  • Rose and Hal Kravitz
  • Lydia Levin and Joel Kuperberg
  • Mary Ann Malkoff
  • Shelly and David Malmon
  • Aliza and Jay Masserman
  • Diane and Morris Meadow
  • Toni and Terry McDonald
  • Ellen and Howard Mirowitz
  • Joyce Pais and Robert Chambers
  • Murray Palitz (z”l)
  • Mindy and David Paskil
  • Harold Plon
  • Richard Plon
  • Heather Raphael
  • BiMia Reid
  • Gail and Sorel Reisman
  • Cari and Jay Rofsky
  • Tzippy and Ram Ronen
  • Barbara and Norman Rosen
  • Michelle G. and Stephen D. Sholkoff
  • Harris and Jan Shultz
  • Polly Sloan
  • Susan and Sheldon Stern
  • Natalie Swit
  • Dalia and Noah Taft
  • Diana and Hugo Velazquez
  • Roz and Elliot Vogelfanger
  • Jacob Weisberg (z”l)
  • Lois Weiss
  • Ofra and David Willner
  • Adrienne and Norman Witkin
  • Ina (z”l) and Lowell (z”l) Zeleznick
  • Anita Rosenfield
  • Neil Izenberg
  • Leigh Evans
  • Barbara Brumbelow
  • Mike Rubin
  • Susan Seely