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The Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program “Time, and many hands…” was the answer given when asked how CSP started. From the beginning, the choir that has grown from a single voice, now continues with each day adding to the harmony that is CSP. Doors close, windows open. Our spirit is indomitable, time may wear away the hardest stone, but some things are stronger when combined.

With all that in mind, we wish to look back and thank all those that helped us become a reality. And to all those that would see it continue, we are grateful.



Bruce and Kathleen Canter, Ira and Linda Cohen, Sue-Ann and Marc Cross, Bobbi and Lou Cherry, Rhea and Alfred Dorn, Bruce and Gail Duner, Andy and Beth Elster, Ruth and Moshe Ettinger, Jon and Peggy Feder, Ruth and Arnold Feuerstein, Aviva and Fred Forster, The Samueli Foundation, Reva Furman, Ingrid and Joel Gallin, Susan Glass, Deborah and Ed Heyman, David and Izzy Hirson, Steve and Karen Jaffe, Arie Katz, Lydia Levin and Joel Kuperberg, Sam and Susan Wyman, Bob and Nicole Yonowitz, Don and Gwen Abrams, Larry Kaplan & Karen Brenner, Hal and Rose Kravitz, Ed Levin and Mindy Lauer levin, Bill and Cathy Levin, Mary Ann and Mel Malkoff, Avi and Osnat Margalith, Howard and Ellen Mirowitz, Ron and Francine Morrison, Scott and Marla Nathan, Nira Roston, Irene Salinger, Larry and Linda Seidman, David and Florence Shore, Susan Seely, Seth Sigel, Blossom Siegel, Lennie and Adele Sender, Polly Sloan, Sue and Ralph Stern, Roz and Elliot, Vogelfanger, Ayal and Gila Willner, Myra and Lou Wiener.