Ada Gilbert
Adrienne and Norman Witkin
Ahuva Ho
Aleta Bryant
Aliza and Jay Masserman
Amy and Arie Katz
Andrea and Tal Golan
Anne Spector
Aaron Pollack
Anita Rosenfield
Aviva and Fred Forster
Barbara and Norman Rosen
Beverly and Jake Jacobs
BiMia Reid
Brenda Barrie and Sid Bursten
Brian Asher
Cherry Family in Memory of Bobbi Cherry
Carol and Myron Kanofsky
Dalia and Noah Taft
Davida Gregory
Deborah and Ed Heyman
Diana and Hugo Velazquez
Diane and Morris Meadow
Ellen and Howard Mirowitz
Esther and Andy Dosick
Faith Herschler
Fran and David Gustin
Gail and Sorel Reisman
Gideon Bernstein and Jeanne Pepper
Harold Plon
Harris and Jan Shultz
Henry and Eileen Cohen
Ina and Lowell (z”l) Zeleznick (z”l)
Jacob Weisberg (z”l)
Jay and Cari Rofsky
Joan Kaye
Joyce Pais (one of our newest members)
Katherine and John Coster
Lindy Keiser
Louise Sherby