Live from Salon Ben Dosa

Topic: Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program Israel Music Event “Live from Salon Ben Dosa”
Artists: Amitai Aricha, Alma Band & Yanush Hurwitz with special guest artist, Asaf Rabi.

This concert was underwritten by a generous grant from: Phyllis Gilmore and contributions from over 60 participants in our recent Israel 202 Virtual Adventure.

Dedicated in memory of: Bernard Gilmore z”l

Modern-day Israel is home to multiple immigrant communities. The more established are from Eastern Europe, and date back to the late 19th century—people who fled pogroms, discrimination, and centuries of oppression. A massive influx of Jews from throughout North Africa and the Middle East joined them after 1948. These newer immigrants were settled—along with recent survivors of the Holocaust—both in makeshift tent cities (which, over time, morphed into towns like Sderot, Kiryat Shmona, Yerucham and others), as well as in established centers along Israel’s Mediterranean coast and around Tel Aviv.

Over the next 70 years, successive waves of immigrants arrived from places like Yemen, Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, and, recently, France—often on the heels of conflict and political uncertainty. Their stories are similar to their predecessors, and they have settled in many of the same places. These immigrant communities are distinct. Their histories, foods, music, politics, and assumptions vary, and that variety can be radical. Yet they often live side by side, and Israel is young enough, and its immigrants are fresh enough, that their various musical traditions can still be found in their pure, undiluted forms. But what happens when we bring a variety of these musical traditions together? Join us as we celebrate the memory of long-time CSP patron and American composer, conductor and musician, Bernard Gilmore, and enjoy the world of Israel folk fusion with a live performance from Tel Aviv produced by Asaf Rabi and featuring some amazing Israeli folk musicians, including Amitai Aricha, Alma Band and Yanush Hurwitz.

Featured Musicians

Amitai Aricha is a singer, teacher, and researcher of Diwan song and prayer from Yemenite heritage. Over many years of listening to prayer and singing traditions in synagogues and traditional gatherings, he has collected and studied authentic melodies from the Jewish-Yemenite tradition, explored various versions, and performed worldwide his own interpretations.

Alma Band are three talented songwriters and singers, a trio who lead creative cooperativeness for already 15 years, Gapping bridges and brings to the stage a unique voice of Jewish-Israel-Human prayer-songs, In the deepest meaning. For many people Alma’s songs have been inspiration and support in meaningful points in their lives. The band have released three successful Albums and enjoy a following of thousands

Yanush Hurwitz is a multi-disciplinary versatile musician. He owns a BA in music from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. His repertoire includes classical music, world, and traditional music, while his main focus is on Balkan and Eastern-European music. Yanush is a former and band member of Di Gasn Trio – which preserves and renews the vibrant culture of Klezmer and Balkan traditional music. Yanush is also a band member of Gute Gute band – a riveting mash-up of Israeli, Balkan, Mediterranean and electro-dance music influences. Yanush performs and records regularly with many different ensembles and also as a soloist.

Asaf Rabi – Composer, Producer and Bass player. Swimming and Swinging in many genres on the Bass guitar and double bass, Asaf has been following the tradition and school of groove in Jazz music, Rock, Indian Classical and Balkan music. Asaf has gained virtuosity of the bass, studying music and playing festivals worldwide. As a producer and band member, Asaf is known for his work with world music groups Alila, Digasn trio and Yarden Erez. As a sidman, Asaf has been playing with artists such as Amir Benayoun, David Broza, Shuli Rand, the Jerusalem east & West Orchestra and many more. Asaf arranges for ensembles and teaches rhythm and improvisation in Givat Washington academic College of education.

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