Past Speakers & Programming

Core One Month Scholar-in-Residence Program

Since 2002, the CSP has invited world-renown scholars to live in the community for a one-month period each year, where, in return for an honorarium and certain defined benefits (such as travel expenses, and a rental car), the scholars are offered to a variety of local synagogues, universities and institutions for low cost, high quality programming. The one month program is structured around 6-10 synagogue appearances (2-3 of which will be multi-part weekend “Shabbatonim”), and includes an opening and closing community lecture, a series of 1-2 multi unit courses co-sponsored by the Bureau of Jewish Education, 1-2 university lectures and private patron programs.

Avigdor Shinan (February 2002)
Shalom Paul (January 2003)
Shaya Gafni (February 2004)
Yair Zakovitch (February 2005)
Reuven Kimelman (February 2006)
Steven Katz (February 2007)
Noam Zion (January – February 2008)
Rachel Elior (January –February 2009)
Alick Isaacs (January-February 2010)
Stephen Berk (January –February 2011)
Clive Lawton (January 2012)
Marc Michael Epstein (January 2013)
David Solomon (February 2014)
Hartley Lachter (January 2015)

Summer Scholar-in-Residence Program:

Since 2003, the CSP has invited world-renown scholars to teach in Orange County for 3-4 days.

Avigdor Shinan (July 2003)
Lee Levine (July 2004)
Shaya Gafni (July 2005)
Neill Gillman (July 2006)
Shai Cherry (July 2006)
Dr. Daniel Matt (July 2007)
Jon Levinson (July 2008)
Yitz and Blu Greenberg (June 2009)
Saul Berman (August 2010)
Michael Fishbane (July 2011)
Shalom Sabar (August 2012)
Edwin Seroussi (July 2013)
Jeremy Dauber (July 2014)

Annual Pre-High Holyday Program:

Since 2003, CSP has hosted a pre-High Holyday event in the community to prepare participants for the upcoming High Holidays.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner (September 2002)
Rabbi Mordecai Finley (August 2003)
Rabbi Abner Weiss (September 2004)
Rabbi Steven Leder (September 2005)
Rabbi Ed Feinstein (September 2006)
Rabbi Elliot Dorff (September 2007)
Chaim Seidler-Feller (September 2008)
Rabbi Naomi Levy (September 2009)
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin (September 2010)
Brad Artson (September 2011)
Yosef Kanefsky (September 2012)
Shawn Fields-Meyer (August 2013)
Aryeh Cohen (September 2014)


Throughout the year, the CSP offers supporters and local synagogue and community leaders an opportunity to participate in 3-4 salon programs in a variety of venues in Orange County.

The salons feature teachers from the area and speakers who are visiting the region. The CSP has also worked to develop tie-in programs with the communities in Los Angeles and San Diego to package opportunities for would-be speakers.

The goal of the salons is to both offer intimate learning opportunities with top scholars and authors and bring together community leaders for a relaxed opportunity to socialize and build cross-institutional understanding and cooperation.

While the intense one-month scholar program is the focal point of CSP’s yearly calendar, the salon programs act as an ongoing effort to stimulate transformative learning in the community.

Prof. Miriyam Glazer (October 2001)
Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer (December 2001)
A.B. Yehoshua (February 2002)
Prof. Isaiah Gafni (March 2002)
Dr. Avivah Zornberg (April 2002, May 2003)
Nathan EnglanderAimee Bender (April 2002)
Rabbi Jack Riemer (June 2002)
Rabbi David Woznica (August 2002)
Prof. Meron Medzini (September 2002)
Rabbi Harold Kushner (November 2002)
Dennis Prager & Michael Lerner (Nov. 2002)
Prof. Arthur Green (December 2002)
Prof. Bill Dever (January 2003)
Wendy Wasserstein (January 2003)
Dr. Jack Wertheimer (February 2003)
Dr. Abraham Twerski (May 2003)
Rabbi Avi Winokur (July 2003)
Ari Goldman (August 2003)
Rabbi Alan Lew (September 2003)
Dr. Alan Morinis (September 2003)
Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi (October 2003)
Rabbi Danny Landes (October/December 2003)
David Nimmer, Esq. (November 2003)
Rodger Kamenetz (November 2003)
Amy Lederman (November 2003)
Prof. Neil Gillman (December 2003/July 2006)
Rabbi Norman Cohen (March 2004)
Prof. Mimi Feigelson (March 2004)
Rabbi David Lazar (April 2004)
Shmuel Hasfari (April 2007)
Prof. Shalom Sabar (April 2007)
Dr. Ron Wolfson (October 2007)
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (November 2007)
Dr. Aren Maier (November 2007)
Dr. Baruch Schwartz (November 2007)
Peter Pitzele (February 2008)
Zvi Gitelman (April 2008)
Yitzchak Adlerstein (May 2008)
Bill Berk (May 2008)
Chaim Seidler-Feller (September 2008)
Marvin Tokayer (November 2008)
Ziony Zevet (December 2008)
Rabbi Rami Shapiro (April 2009)
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (April 2009)
Avi Weiss (May 2009)
Doreen Seidler-Feller (May 2009)
Rabbi Micha Odenheimer (June 2009)
Alicia Ostriker (October 2009)
Gil Hoffman (October 2009)
Marvin Tokayer (November 2009)
Hana Wirth-Nesher (February 2010)
Bill Kolbrener (February 2010)
Danny Landes (February 2010)
Michael Melchior (February 2010)
Adin Steinsaltz (February 21, 2010)
Vanessa Hidary (April 14, 2010)
Erwin Chemerinsky (April 22, 2010)
Chaim Seidler-Feller (April 24, 2010)
Marcus Freed (May 2010)
Jim Weiss (May 2004)
Dr. Jeffrey Woolf (May 2004)
Rivy Poupko Kletenick (April 2005)
Rabbi Shifty Shifren – Surfing Rabbi (July 2004)
Prof. Jeremy Dauber (August 2004 & 2005)
Rabbi Reuven Hammer (September 2004)
Rabbi Abner Weiss (Sept 2004 Dec 2005)
Rabbi David Wolpe (October 2004)
Dr. Jonathan Sarna (November 2004)
Rabbi Dr. Reuven Firestone (November 2004)
Rabbi Michael Klein Katz (December 2004)
Vicky Kelman (Family Series – January 2005, March 2005, April 2005)
Rabbi Irwin Kula (February 2005, May 2007)
Yossi Abramowitz February 2005)
Rabbi David Zeller
(June 2005)
Jeremy Dauber (August 2005)
Alan Lew (May 2005 and August 2005)
Rabbi Steven Greenberg (September 2005)
Wes Nisker (September 2005)
Cantor Jack Mendelson (January 2006)
Prof. Reuven
Kimelman (February 2007)
Zvika Serper (February 2006)
David Nelson (March 2006)
Gershom Gorenberg (April 2006)
Prof. Marvin Meyer (June 2006)
Prof. Shai Cherry (August 2006)
Aaron Lansky (November 2006)
Ruth Messenger (January 2007)
Sharon Rivo (October 2010)
Marcus Freed (November 2010)
Hana Wirth-Nesher (December 2010)
Rafi Zarum (January 2011)
Seth Glass (January 2011)
Senator Jack Danforth (February 2011)
Andrew Sacks (March 2011)
Brad Artson (March 2011)
Kenneth Wishnia (November 2011)
Gil Cohen Magen (February 2012)
Amy Jill Levine (February 2012)
Doreen Seidler-Feller (April & May 2012)
Yuval Ron (May 2012)
Erwin Chemerinsky (May 2012)
Moran Cerf (July 2012)
Cindy Chupack (July 2012)
Brian Finklestein (July 2012)
Annie Korzen (July 2012)
Margot Leitman (July 2012)
Gil Cohen-Magen (October 2012)
Rachel Korazim (January 2013)
David Solomon (February 2013)
Robert Adams (February 2013)
Elana Stein (March 2013)
Avraham Infeld (April 2013)
Erwin Chemerinsky (May 2012, June 2013 & 2014)
Yale Epstein & Mark Michael Epstein (July 2013)
Moran Cerf, Carlos Kotkin etc (July 2013)
Brad Artson (October 2013)
Ron Wolfson (October 2013)
Sharon Brous (November 2013)
Uri Regev (December 2013)
Esteban Gottfried (December 2013)
Kerry Olitzky (December 2013)
Shefa Gold (December 2013)
Dov Elbaum (March 2014)
Joellyn Zollman (April 2014)
Lawrence Baron (May 2014)
William Mann (October 2014)
Joellyn Zollman (November 2014)
Marvin Tokayer (November 2014)
Kolot (February 2015)
Micah Goodman February 2015)
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin (February 2015)
Ma’aleh Film School (Februrary 2015)
Shaul Magid (February 2015)

Adult Retreat:

Since 2005, the CSP has hosted a 24 hour Martin Luther King Day retreat for adults only. A prominent visiting scholar delivers 3 lectures to participants.

Prof. Arnie Eisen
(February 2006,
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa)
Prof. Steven Zipperstein
(January 2007,
Rancho Valencia)
Prof. Amy Jill Levine
(January 2008, Rancho Valencia)
David Elcott & Shira Milgrom
(January 2009, The Lodge at Torrey Pines)
Steven Greenberg
(January 2010, La Costa Resort & Spa)
Ron Wolfson
(January 2011, Grand Del Mar)
Rabbi Ed Feinstein
(January 2012, Estancia La Jolla)
Jan-Christopher Horak, Paul Mazursky, Annie Korzen & Steven Cassedy
(January 2013, Rancho Bernardo Inn)
Rabbi Ed Feinstein & Steven Cassedy
(January 2014, Rancho Bernardo Inn)
Lawrence Baron
(January 2015, Mission Inn,)

Memorial Day Weekend Retreat:

Since 2003, the CSP has hosted a family oriented Memorial Day weekend retreat, offering Shabbat services with song leader Dale Schatz, 3-4 lectures with prominent speakers, kids programming and musical evenings.

Yair Zakovitch
May 2003, Casa Del Zorro)
Rivy Poupko Kletenick
(May 2004, Casa Del Zorro)
Rabbi Alan Lew
(May 2005, Casa Del Zorro)
Rabbi Irwin Kula
(May 2006, Casa Del Zorro)
Rabbi Brad Artson
(May 2007, La Quinta Resort & Spa)
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
(May 2008, Casa Del Zorro)
Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller
(May 2009, Brandeis Bardin)
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
(May 2010, UCLA Bruin Woods)
Rabbi Moshe Waldoks
(May 2011, Hyatt Newport Beach)
Rabbi Larry Hoffman
(May 2012, Brandeis Bardin Institute)
Rabbi Shawn Fields-Meyer
(May 2014, Brandeis Bardin Institute)

CSP Dads and Kids Camping:

Since 2005, CSP has hosted and annual Fall Dads & Kids Jewish camping program, with visits to such locations as:

Joshua Tree National Park, CA (Josh Lake & OJA, October 2005)
Anza Borrego National Park, CA (Josh Lake & OJA, October 2006)
Catalina Island, CA (Josh Lake & OJA, October 2007)
Anacapa Island (CSP Dads, October 2008)

CSP Family Camping:

Since 2006, CSP has hosted an annual Summer Jewish camping program for families, with visits to such locations as:

Idyllwild, CA (June 2006)
Pinezanita, SD (Josh Lake, June 2007)
Mammoth Mountain (Devil’s Postpile) (Josh Lake, July 2008)
Yosemite (Tuolumne Meadows) (Y-Explore, July 2009)
Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks (SNHA, July 2010)
Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks (SNHA & Chef Baruch, July 2011)
Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks (SNHA & Chef Baruch, August 2012)
Grand Canyon (Josh Lake, Outdoor Jewish Adventures, June 2013)
Humboldt Redwoods State Park (June 2014)

Shabbat Alive:

Since 2003, CSP has hosted an annual summer community Shabbat Alive program. The most recent programs have been held at Bommer Canyon in Irvine.

Craig Taubman (2003 Newport Dunes)
Rich Recht (2004 at TVT)
Dan Nichols (2005 at TVT; 2006 at Bommer)
Josh Nelson and Dale Schatz (June 2008, June 2009, July 2010 – Bommer)
Craig Taubman (July 2011, Bommer)
UK Beat & Dale Schatz (June 2012, Bommer)
Gospel Shabbat – Cantor Mike Stein, Kenny Ford & 30 member Life Choir (June 2013, Bommer)
Holy Shabbat Hootenanny (Saul Kaye) (August 2014, Bommer Canyon)

Musical Programs:

Chava Alberstein(OCPAC, November 2003)
Magevet (January 2005)
SoulFarm (with CBI, March 2005)
David Zasloff (with CBI and with University Synagogue, September 2005, 2006)
Lave Las Manos (May 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
Dale Schatz (numerous occasions)
L’il Rev (January 2008)
Dan Nichols (numerous occasions)
Joshua Nelson (with CBI, March 2008)
Gershom Sizomu (with CBI, March 2008)
Neshama Carlebach (with TVT, November 2009)
Moshav Band (with CBI, December 2009)
Josh Nelson (with CBI, November 2011)
Shir Appeal (with CBI and TVT, December 2010)
Semmy Stahlhammer (July 2010)
Seth Glass (January 2011)
Mikey Pauker (May 2011)
Storahtelling (May 2011)
Rabbi Blue (May 2011)
Ari Herstand (July 2011)
Neshama Carlebach and Green Pastures Choir (with CBI, December 2011)
Gospel Havdallah with COR AME (February 2012)
Yuval Ron Trio (with Beth El, May 2012 at TBE)
Saul Kaye (with CBI and TBY, October 2012 at TBY)
Six13 (with CBI, December 24-15, 2012)
Hershey Felder’s The Pianist of Willesden Lane at Laguna Playhouse performed by Mona Golabeck (May 2013)
Esteban Gottfried and Beit Tefila Israeli Musical Team (December 2013)
Nava Tehila (December 2014)
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin (February 2015)

Travel Adventures:

Touching the Soul of Israel: October 19-30, 2014

Unique Family Programs:

Over the years, CSP has hosted a variety of unique family and community oriented programs, including:

Sand Castle Building
Magic Castle Visit
Family Jewish Education Series

PJ Library Programs:

Partnering with Jewish Federation & Family Services, these young family events provide a welcoming environment, well-trained greeters to make new families feel connected to the community, story-time, holiday-themed crafts to take home, snacks to match the holiday, and photographs of the parents/kids shared to create family memories.

Honeybee Wonders & Storytelling (September 2012)
Apple Picking and Hay Ride (September 2012)
Sukkot Picnic & Havdallah (October 2012)
Hanukkah Concert with Six13 (December 2012)
Passover, Frogs & Folktales by Activated Story Theater(March 2013)

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