Reading is wonderful, but listening is easier to do in todays often hectic life. OCCSP Podcasts bring the speaker and listener together. No matter where you are.  We started our Podcasts in 2003. Over 16 years of discussion and knowledge, questions posed and answered. With over 300 Podcasts in our library. Take some “me” time, listen and learn.


Our Latest Podcast:

Title: The Many Layers of Jerusalem

Speaker: Udi Goren

See the source imageUdi Goren has always been fascinated by the secrets this world holds. Growing up watching National Geographic with his dad, it was always clear to him that when he grew up, he would have to do some exploration of his own. He’s spent the bulk of the last ten years outside of his native Israel, and after several years of traveling, documenting and collecting stories from around the world, professional photography became the next step for him…

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