1. Can anyone join the CSP Legacy Circle?
>> Yes!

2. Who is in the CSP Legacy Circle?
>> We have close to 100 people in our group at this time, see this LINK

3. Why should I join?
>> You help build a vibrant, enduring community not just for you, but for future generations
>> CSP Legacy circle members enjoy many benefits, including access to Benefactor/Patron/Legacy only events such as two special events with our one-month scholar in January (LINK)
>> By joining our CSP Legacy Circle right now, you help us achieve a challenge grant from the Jewish Community Foundation (i.e. we get money now that we can use towards our CSP programs)

4. How do I join?
>> You can join our CSP Legacy Circle by signing the attached “Letter of Intent” and sending it me at arie@occsp.net

5. Is the letter of intent legally binding?
>> No. It’s a letter showing that you intend to set up a legacy for CSP within the next 12 months. You can always change your mind if you decide not to proceed.

6. Is there a minimum amount I am obligated to commit to CSP?
>> No, there is no minimum commitment. Decide what is meaningful to you.

7. Is this an easy thing to do?
>>Yes, there are many ways to leave a legacy to CSP. I made CSP one of the beneficiaries in my life insurance policy.

8. Can I change my mind at any time?
>> Yes, at any time you may change your mind about being a member of our Legacy Circle or what legacy you’d like to give to CSP.

9. Is it true that people who join a legacy circle live longer?
>> While not scientifically proven, yes, that has been my experience. It sure can’t harm you. But only up to 120 years.

10. Who can I contact with any questions?
>> You can call me at (949) 922-7059 or email me at arie@occsp.net