Online Event Videos Vol 2

JESUS THE JEW, SESSION 4: Law and Love (Prof. March Michael Epstein)
The Audacity of Faith Prt 4 (Rabbi Avi Strausberg)
JESUS THE JEW, SESSION 3: Here’s Spit In Your Eye (Prof. Marc Michael Epstein)
Religious Practice and Performance Art (Shirel Horovitz)
Sleeping as Fast as I Can (Richard Michelson)
On Cancel Culture: Why Jews Don't Cancel
JESUS THE JEW, SESSION 2: Sects and Parties (Prof. Marc Michael Epstein)
Ohr Hatzafun, The Audacity of Faith Part 3 (R. Avi Strausberg)
The Art of Counting: Drawing the Omer (Jacqueline Nicholls)
The Essence of Exploration: Unraveling Journeys and Their Impact (David Mendelsohn)
Jesus the Jew, Part 1 - Jesus Didn’t Have A New Testament
Finding God in Unexpected Places (Rabbi Jack Riemer)
The Mountain Jews of Dagestan (Evegenia Kempinski)
Pharaoh in Canaan: Egyptian Presence in Israel (Nachliel Selavan)
Jews of Argentina, Part II: Recent History (Claudia Hercman)
PLUMES: Ostrich Feathers, Jews, and a Lost History of Global Commerce
Continuity, Communication and RevolutionThe Role of Language in the Arab and Islamic World
Part 1 of Jews of Argentina: "They sowed seeds and harvested doctors"
Into the Modern Map and the Contemporary Arab Spring
The Golden Age (David Mendelsohn)
The Third Side of the Coin (Nachliel Selavan)
A Visit to the Heart of the Ancient Silk Road: The Jews of Uzbekistan (Kempinski)
"The Hellenistic Yo-Yo" (David Mendelsohn) - CSP's 22nd Annual One Month Scholar Series
From the Caspian to the Caucuses: The Jews of Azerbaijan (Evgenia Kempinski)
The Radical Responsibility of Rabbi Sacks: The Problem of Evil as a call to Action (Tanya White)
The Rise of an Empire (David Mendelsohn)
The Hajj - The Pilgrimage to End All Pilgrimages
History and Philosophy of Islam, Part 1 (Jahiliyyah – Arabia before Islam)
History and Philosophy of Islam, Part 3 (Aisha, Fatima and the Sunni-Shia Split)
History and Philosophy of Islam, Part 2 (Muhammad and His Visions)
History and Philosophy of Islam, Part 1 (Jahiliyyah – Arabia before Islam)
Royal Connections: British Monarchs and the British Jewish Community (Rachel Kolsky)
Salamone Rossi: Jewish Musician of the Renaissance (Dr. Joshua Jacobson)
The Jews of Georgia: A Virtual Adventure in the Caucasus Mountains
Jewish Majorca (Dani Rotstein)
Desperately Seeking Psalms, Part 1 - Psalm 23
The Last Gottlieb: “Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur” (Sophia Berry)
Wartime North Africa (Sarah Abrevaya Stein)
The Four Kingdoms (Nachliel Selavan)
Jewish Ukraine, Part 4: Crimea (and Karaites)
Jewish Ukraine, Part 3: Lviv & Brody (Galicia)
Jewish Ukraine, Part 2: Kyiv, Odessa & Dnipro
Jewish Ukraine, Part 1: Kharkiv, Kherson and Mariupol (East and South of Ukraine)
Jews, Racism, and American Jewish History (Marc Dollinger)
From Adam to AI: What Does the Torah Teach Us About Artificial Intelligence? (Rabbi Rafi Zarum)
Burma By Accordion: Chasing Family Ghosts Through Modern-Day Myanmar
Part 4 - Daily Life in Ancient Israel (Bathroom Etiquette)
The Music of Israel (Joshua Jacobson)
Daily Life in Ancient Israel, Part 3 (Food)
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